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Title : seeing her again (1/3)
pairing: amber x onew
summary :summary: Amber was coming back from LA and onew couldn't wait to see her again , he needed to fix what he did. Onew only wanted a chance would amber give it to him . i don't have a beta , hope you like it bye.

Onew shinee leader was in his room ,writing a song for the upcoming album his mind full of her , he couldn't believe that it was more than 4 months when he last saw her , the first time he saw her they were both trainees he could see her from far away , the shy smiling girl that dressed with baggy manly clothes that even thought everybody would say that she looked manly he couldn't stop to think how wrong all of them were, to him she was pretty ,so pretty on her own unique way , he could see her trying to talk to everybody with the little Korean that she knew but it didn't stop her ,she was so charming but still he couldn't talk to her ,he tried so many times but he would just chicken out at the last time and excuse himself running the opposite direction .

She intrigued him , he wanted to get to know her , he wanted to be his friend , one day he was walking to the top floor to be with himself for a second and practice his singing ,he heard the door being open a big smile on his face thinking that taemin was there to practice also his singing; when he turn around and saw her ,his smile disappear and his heart started to bit faster than he wanted . She bow to him ===== are you lee jinki?=====he gulped loudly his voice sounding to shaky for him ==== yes , i am ==== she looked at him and walked closer to him , stopping almost in front of him , he could see her face better, all the air inside his lungs was knocked out of him ;god she is beautiful ,his mind was capturing all of her features he wanted to save the memory of her face. He was so gone that he didn't hear her talking to him he was out of the trance when he saw her fingers snapping at him ====== jinki , did you hear me , are you ok man=====he stumble a little trying to breath trying to compose himself he looked at her ==== i am sorry , what were you saying? ===== she laughed at him hiding her pretty mouth behind her hand it was such a girl gesture and her smile was really contagions, he couldn't stop himself from smiling too ===== jinki , i was telling you that taemin cant come today he ask me to tell you that , i heard that you are helping him with his voice is that true ?===== he looked at her ==== yes , is true , he is so young his afraid of his voice changing and not be able to sing ==== she was looking at him before bowing again ===== jinki , i have to go ok , i have class see you later ok ==== she was about to reach the door knob when she felt fingers grasping her writs delicately; jinki was in front of her ,with a shy smile he look at her ===== don't go , no just yet ,let me know your name first , you know mine is only fair don't you think? ===== his hold on her left ,he could see her nodding at what he said and with a big enchanting smile at him===== my name is amber ===== before leaving him all alone with his heart just hammering in his chest he knew that day that he was done for amber had capture his heart .

He was smiling still at the memories when minho enter his room stopping in the edge of the door frame with a big smile that only meant good news ,really good news ===== hyung do you know that amber is coming back to Korea this month , her knee is all better so she is returning , i know that you and her got to be really good friends before she left to America ====== . onew couldn't stop his smile from forming she was coming back finally he could see her again he was so happy but when he heard minho his smile fell ==== hyung you never told me what happen the day before she left , you were so nervous , so sad ==== minho words made the panic start to raise inside of him , oh god what if she didn't wanted to see him , he was so stupid , he ruined everything ====hyung don't worry now is your chance to fix it and make it better ok what ever it is ,bye ===== onew was left alone with his thoughts he try to return to his writing the song but memories flow inside him like an old movie .

After that day on the rooftop with amber it wasn't long before he was chosen to be the leader of a new group called shinee , he was so busy all of them were that he didn't saw her as much , after that he was told of this new girl group called fx were amber had been chosen , she was going to be the rapper , he was so happy for her and for him because this way they could see each other more often outside the company even thought if it was at some tv show or concert . He patiently just waited for a moment this time making sure to take advantage of the situation to talk to her . The irony of the situation was that even thought they saw each other more often he couldn't find a moment to talk alone with her ,she was always with her group or with shinee members key and minho .

He was at the company after recording a song , he was tired and he wanted to be alone so he went to the roof top ;opening the door made his heart content , he felt free there , he walked to the rail admiring the view , his concentration failing when he heard a whimper close to him, he turn to see what was the source of the noise when he saw her in the floor her legs tuck up her chest her face hidden by her arms she was crying so softly that he thought that he was imaging the whole thing , he walk to her ,his voice trembling ======= amber , whats wrong ?===== she was startled when she heard his voice she quickly dry her tears ===== i am OK jinki nothing is wrong ==== she stand up to leave but he didn't let her ,he grab her writs softly , looking at her === amber , is OK you don't have to be strong all the time, you can trust me ,i wont tell anybody i just want to help , please let me help you ,i am here for you ==== at his words he could see that her walls were crumbling down because tears were falling down her face now with no intention of stopping .
He didn't know what to do his heart felt heavy with sadness for her so he put his arms around her hugging her tightly in his arms as he whisper in her ear ====== is ok amber , everything will be ok , you are ok ====he could feel that she was shaking less the tears stopping little by little ===== oh oppa ,you are going to think that i am so stupid, i miss my family jinki so much sometimes i feel so lonely here everything is so different, i don't speak well ,all this rules that you have here i don't get them === one of his hands reach her cheek making her to look at his eyes ===== i would never think that , is not stupid to miss your family amber is completely normal i miss mine too and you arent alone you have so many friends and if all of them desert you ,you will still have me , about the rest give your self some time you will learn you see , remember you are doing great you have accomplish a lot in so little time believe it ===== at big smile return to her face ==== thank you oppa.====. That was the beginning of our friendship or as i like to called it, the day that i finally had a chance with her .

Birthday wishes
Pairing :onho , onkey friendship

Rating : mature
Summary:Minho looked for onew for him to forget his ex nick , not knowing that onew really loved him all along.

Ps . I had this story since 2011 just now that i started to write again i wanted to have it and share it this month that is onho month . i know is a little sad but bear it with me dont hate me , also i am so sorry for the huge mistakes you most probably would find , like i said i just started to write again , i have a notebook almost full of stories i hope people will like them. bye and thanks .ahhh before i forget i thinking of doing later on the same stories but more expecific in the smut scenes if you know what i mean .

Birthday wishes

Onew was already in his room reading a new script for a new drama when he felt the door being open ,his heart fluster seeing minho in front of him not saying anything he walked towards him and just sat beside him , onew could see that something had happen to him ;he could see his cheeks wet by his tears, he couldn't bear it so very gently he put his hand on his shoulder trying to make minho to look at him but nothing so he sighed loudly praying that he could help him -- “minho , whats wrong ?”---- he waited patiently for minho to say something but once again nothing ,onew try this time a little louder ----- “come on minho tell me what happened to you ,let me help , i’ll do anything” ---- minho look at him whispering ----- “hyung nick dump me today, he said he had enough of me” ----- he started to cry again onew was beyond mad, he never liked the way nick treated minho but he didn't say anything ,how could he when he knew deep inside that if he was honest with himself he was more jealous than anything ; he had one- sided love feelings for minho , he was completely in love with him since he first met minho when they were only trainees .

He tried to calm himself minho didn't needed to be told i told you so , he kneel in front of him ----- “minho he doesn't deserve you , you deserve so much better , you need someone that loves you like you love him and trust me you will ; now you don't see it but you will ,you see just give it some time it would get better , you will be better i promise” ----- minho started to cry even harder stuttering --- “i know hyung is just that i love him so much i feel so broken and alone ;nobody loves me” ------ onew taking his face in his hands drying his wet cheeks gently whispering ---- “that is not true , we love you , i love you , i would do anything ,everything to make you smile , i want you to be happy , tell me ,i will do it come on” ----- minho look at him , his eyes wide thinking what to say when he did he rested his forehead on top of his tell him ---- “hyung please just make me forget , i just want to forget , i want to forget him , his touch , his words , i want to forget i ever met him , please hyung touch me, help me have different hands touching caressing me” ---- onew look at minho surprise he didn't know what he meant by that, he was about to ask him when he felt minho hand taking his putting in on top of his crotch telling him --- “just help me forget , please make me forget”---- onew was shaking he look at minho telling him ----- “minho this is crazy i cant minho just please release my hand you don't want to do this with me, please minho don't use me like this , i will never be him , i don't want to be him” ----- onew was releasing his hand form his hold when minho grab his hands harder and started to move his hand on top of his growing erection pleading to onew ---- “please hyung just make me forget ,please , i need you , show me you love me”---- those words where his fall minho sounded so desperate so wounded that he started to move his hand on top of him at his own accord asking him----- “are you sure ? This will complicate things minho theres no turning back”-----minho was breathing fast low moans leaving his throat ,his lips close to onew ears ,the only sound onew could hear from him was his panting ---- “yes hyung please” ----- onew knew he was sacrificing his heart to all the pain he knew he sure was going to feel in the future after this night ;the saddens of being a rebound just to help minho forget the person that he really love and knowing that it would never be him .

Minho left him all alone the second he came in his pants calling nick’s name , he left him curling in his bed crying until he fall asleep .

Waking up the next day was confusing to him , minho treated him like he always did , he was asking himself if he just dream the whole thing he almost believe that everything was a bad dream when again minho came to him . That is how it started ;every night minho would go to his room to forget nick .

Onew loose a piece of his heart and soul every night; minho would leave him alone after he do to him anything that he wanted ;at first was touching him on top his clothes , then the grounding , every night without words minho would enter his room use him and then leave him to feel the consequences ;he thought that he could be ok it wasn't bad ,he hasn't given himself completely to him , that he should a least take what little was thrown to him ,his heart been broken little by little but he knew that he couldn't do anything , he was letting it happen , he could stop but he didn't wanted too , he wanted to feel minho even it if was fake from his part ,until one night when without words he found himself under a naked minho , him naked as well .

All of the sudden , he felt a pain so piercing that he started to scream but minho muffled the sound covering his mouth with his hand , he was crying , but after a while the pain started to change he could only feel pleasure , minho fingers touching him , minho trusts touching something deep inside of him that made him see stars , his own eyes lidded by the pleasure seeing minho the same as well , he could see minho sweat blush skin he could feel his ragged breathing and fast heart beating against him , minho started to move faster , deeper inside of him , he wanted to feel more of him , he wanted minho completely so he look at him , his hands touching his face , his fingers tracing his lips the ones that he had never felt before , he was so close to come , he could feel it , whimpering he say ------ “kiss me minho ,please why you never kiss me ?” ----- minho looking at him told him ----- “because i only kiss the ones i love hyung”----- saying this minho release himself inside onew , not caring that onew was still like a rock , his own release gone by minho words . Minho left him the second he came leaving onew a body curling crying mess .

Key enter onew’s room after what it felt like hours everybody knew was what happening between them , key didn't knew what else to do , he knew that onew love minho , he knew that minho was using him , he tried so many times before talking to onew for him to stop this madness but onew only told him no that he loved minho more than himself that minho needed him . Tears clouding his eyes at the sight of their leader naked , sobbing like a child on his bed he went to him hugging him saying over and over --- “why , hyung , why you let him to do this to you ?”---- and he would always hear the same answer------ “because i love him key”----- key sighed and promise himself to be there for him always , he wouldn't stop until onew was alright again .hugging him harder he started to rock his body until onew felt at sleep.

the end of the world

The end of the world .

Today was the day ;everything was empty and silent people were either inside their houses or trying to escape an imminent death ;there was no escaping , an asteroid was going to crash with earth all humanity would die from it . In the shinee house the silent was defining , key was crying serving what would be their last meal the rest of the members were all sitting in their seats waiting for him to finish . When key sit they all look at each other holding hands saying without words all the things they always wanted to say , taemin gasp when he heard onew say with a trembling voice ---- i love you guys each of you ,i am so proud to be your leader because for me it felt like i was a brother and if i had the privilege of choosing my family i would choose each of you without thinking it -----you could hear the gasp and the silent sobs from the other members when the tv started to count the seconds for impact before saying good bye .

Onew hearing this couldn't stop himself of running away from there he couldn't stop thinking that if he was more brave he could have confessed his love for one of his members . The person he wanted so much to be his to love and cherish now it was to late . Onew got outside and all he could see was emptiness ,he didn't wanted to die ,he wanted another chance , he wanted to scream ,when he felt big arms hugging him ,he didn't have to ask who the person was, his heart race at his touch he started to hear the person say , whispering in his ear----- hyung , is ok everything is ok------ even thought he was saying that onew could feel him trembling in his arms , he continue listened to the deep voice that he love----- oh hyung promise me that if one day we ever get reincarnated you look for me , because i will hyung , theres so much i want to tell you ,but now is too late ----- minho rested his forehead on top of onew trying not to be blinded by the strong light approaching them , it would be over soon he whisper---- and when i do hyung no more waiting , no more regrets ok , i would tell you everything just search for me ok------- onew was speechless he could only ------ minho what? please tell me ------he couldn't finish when he felt soft lips on top of his. The impact made a big explosion that the two of them didn't felt being in each others arms for the first and the last time . After milenias passing by and a new earth being formed a boy almost a man of 17 years old was playing with a ball in a park , he loved sport and he was the tallest in his class , his name was minho and all of his life felt like he was looking for something more importantly he was looking for someone his soulmate his other half ,he didn't knew who ,but he always felt this way inside of him , he got so distracted that he lost the ball.

The ball landed close to a boy almost his same age who was reading in a bench minho couldn't see his face because the book was covering his face so he scream to the guy ------ hey ! Can you pass me the ball----- the guy lift his head looking for the voice when he did minho gasp , this guy is the person he is been looking for all of his life ,this cute and beautiful man, his heart race and his mind was rush with images of the two together memories of their other life ;this man with the smile that have stole his heart even now all over again his onew ,he wouldn't never feel tired again if he sees onew smile , he could see that the other man was experiencing the same because he saw and hear the other man gasp too when he saw minho ,he too recognize him, onew stood up from his bench trowing away his book and went almost running to him , his smile blinding minho , when he was close onew stop for a second he look at minho like he couldn't believe that he was there ,he was in front of him after all this time he started laughing and running to him and without words he jump in to his arms, hugging him so hard that minho felt out of breath for a second he could hear him say ------is you minho , i cant believe i find you --- minho look at him smiling ------- we found each other hyung ---- minho caress onew face before placing an innocent kiss in onew soft lips ----- this time i wont let you go hyung , i love you ,i always did ---- onew couldn't stop smiling he was so happy he whisper to minho ------ is about time , it took us long enough by the way i love too , i always did ------ kissing each other again for the fist time but this time it wouldn't be the last.

title: stuck in traffic
Title : Stuck in traffic
Rating: pg
Summary: Jinki got to meet a boy in the bus , why is he so familiar?.
warning: i write it really fast , it was a personal experience i too got stuck on a bus not knowing where i was and the only thing i could do to distract myself was to write this. sorry for the grammatical errors.

Jinki was waiting for the bus to come to finally go to his house after a long day at college it was really dark and he was really tired to walk to his home , he was almost falling asleep in a bench when the bus finally came , he smile thinking that he would be home soon , he step inside and saw that almost all of the sitting spaces were occupied except one next to a student that is going to the same high school he went 3 years ago .

He walk towards the tall boy and sit next to him , he was happy that the boy went to the same school he went ,he had a lot of good memories there , he could see that the boy next to him was looking at him with a big smile on his face so he just say “ hi my name is jinki , I just to study there” the boy fell silent for a second before saying to him “ I know; my name is minho by the way” jinki smiled at this feeling somewhat like he should remember that name but he couldn’t so he started to talk to him in a friendly manner like favorite subjects etc .

He wanted to know more about minho maybe that way he would remember him. Suddenly the driver spoke telling everyone that in the free way had occurred a terrible accident and that he was going to take another route because the free way was closed for investigations. Jinki started to get a little anxious maybe the tiredness he felt was starting to get to him but he concluded that everything was going to be alright that he would get home soon, so he continue to talk to minho instead, after 5 minutes he noticed that he didn’t knew where he was and that the bus wasn’t moving at all , the driver confirmed his suspicions when he say “ I am sorry but it looks like we are stuck here the traffic is really slow if you don’t want to wait I recommend you to step out” a little of fear begun to travel inside jinki he never liked to be in closed spaces for a lot time but if he step out he knew it would be worst because he didn’t knew where he was .

So he try to think in something else he thank the heaven that minho hasn’t step out and was still sitting next to him so he continue to talk to him about random topics so he could think on something else but as time pass he could feel himself getting more and more nervous by the second .

Minho had to noticed it too because when his breathing started to get a little ragged he felt hands on top of his telling him” hyung is ok , I wont let anything happen to you , you aren’t alone”jinki suddenly remember ; he was cleaning the locker room when he heard the door been shut he went to opened it but he couldn’t it wouldn’t open, he started to panic when he saw a boy walking towards him with nothing but a towel wrap on his waist he walk to him asking him “ what is wrong you cant open the door?” .

Jinki look at the floor feeling embarrassed he saw the boy hold the handle of the door moving it but nothing the door wouldn’t budge he saw the tall boy sigh deeply looking at him in the eyes telling him “well I think we will be here for a while , let me call somebody so somebody can look for us and open the door'.

After putting some clothes on and making the call he sat next to jinki telling him “ well a friend of mine knows where we are, he would come and look for somebody to open the door for us don’t worry” jinki was starting to shake he hated to feel in a cage he couldn’t breath properly, minho noticing this he hold his hand telling him “ everything is ok , I wont let anything happen to you, jinki” hearing this words made him feel a little bit better , they started to talk and play a little bit of soccer on the locker room.

Jinki had already forgotten that they were locked up inside a locker room been alone with minho fill him with such great feelings that he never felt before , he felt so secured so protected and liked, this made his body be in fire every time he smiled at him , seeing minho talking to him, play sports with him made him like him ,he really wanted to get to know him better ,when he heard a voice yelling to them waking him up from his daze “ minho is ok I got somebody that has the keys” minho for a second look a little bit sad but answer “ ok” when the doors finally opened jinki bolt outside wanting nothing else than feel the air outside; he was calming himself when he saw minho walking next to him he grab his writs making him stop saying to him “ thank you minho”.

M inho smiling at him telling him “ is ok jinki hyung don’t worry I will see you around” saying this he left ; jinki was walking to his house when he stop in a halt wondering how minho knew his name he was sure he didn’t tell him and he only knew his name when his friend call him .

Jinki was still remembering when he felt a soft pressure on top of his lips as silk, he open his eyes wide when he realize that minho was kissing him ,jinki couldn’t stop himself to smile in the kiss and started to kiss him back slowly ,he could feel minho surprise and happiness like he wanted to kiss him for so long.

Minho caress jinki cheeks as he rest his forehead on top of jinki telling him “you don’t know how long I wanted to do that; I always liked you hyung , you were always so alone I really wanted to approach you but I didn’t know how ;then we were locked in the locker room all those years ago and it was the most happy day of my life ,I thought we got closer hyung but you started the next couple of days to not talk to me and even started to ignored me” jinki looked at minho telling him “ I am sorry I didn’t wanted to ignored you it just that I was ashamed by the way i acted and then I didn’t know how to approach you , I really wanted too but every time I was to, I chickened out.”

Minho smiled to him telling him “ hyung you didn’t have to feel ashamed , you didn’t do nothing wrong , I was glad that I was the one who got to calmed you down and protected you ,i still want to do that if you let me , would you go out with me jinki hyung?”.

Jinki could see the hope in his big eyes , he really wanted to get to know minho better even since that day jinki smile to him and give him a little sweet peck telling him “ yes I will”. Both of them meeting half way to kiss each other not noticing that the bus was already moving because they were on their own world full of excitement ,promises and new beginning for both of them .
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The reunion
Title : The reunion(2/2)
Rating: pg-13
Summary: Big dreams camp is celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a reunion , jinki really wants to see choi minho the boy who capture his heart.

When jinki got out of the bathroom like a half an hour later ,he noticed that minho wasn’t there, on top of his bed he saw a note telling him “ jinki I went to do some errands , have fun” jinki sighed feeling a little relieved ;he didn’t know what to say to him or even if he wanted to talk to minho; because he was still a little bit hurt by his words .

Jinki knew that he was a klutz , he made fun of himself all the time , he just didn’t knew why minho words rub him the wrong way maybe because he hadn’t changed at all and if the minho now founded him weird , him in the past would have thought of him as weird too, right?.

jinki sigh he didn’t wanted to tainted the good memories he had of him , minho to him was his first love the boy that even thought was younger than him protected him , cherish him and founded him cute , he knew because minho just to told him that every day until the camp was over and they had to separate.

Jinki went to the cafeteria to have breakfast in there he saw jonghyun and key when they saw him key told him to sit with them , they were having a great conversation ,jinki could still see them as they were when they were kids , key the drama king diva that now was an important designer and jonghyun the short tempered guy that cry to much now transform into a passionate singer .

After having breakfast they went together to the lake to swim after what seem like hours he decided to rest so he left the lake sitting under a tree with a book in his hands he had brought , he begun to read feeling so peaceful he could still hear jong and key laughter but it was a really relaxing place.

When they finally got tired of the water jong and key walk towards him asking him if he wanted to go to the sauna but he declined because he really wanted to finish the book , they left waving good bye and he continue to read his book , he didn’t know how it happen but he fell asleep , when he woke up it was getting dark so he stand up a little surprise that he had a blanket covering him , how this get here ?.

He went again to the cafeteria to eat something before going to his cabin and face his roommate , going towards the cabin he try to calm himself down a little when he was about to opened the door he noticed a note on it saying “ hyung , I wont stay here tonight , I am really busy , good night and be careful” so now minho was ignoring him to the extreme that he didn’t want to be in the same room with him ,jinki begun to feel a little enraged if he has a problem with him ,he should tell him whats up instead of acting like a child and ignoring him, jinki that night couldn’t sleep well , he didn’t know if it was because he was angry with minho or he just wanted to see him .

The next day in the cafeteria after he grab his plate and sit down to eat , he heard someone sit in front of him telling him “ good morning , hyung” jinki almost choke seeing minho in front of him , he was smiling at him but he seem a little off he had big circles under his eyes , he looked a little pale and tired maybe he didn’t lie to him when he said that he was busy , they were looking at each other in completely silence when minho say “ did you saw the note on the door , I am sorry that I couldn’t be there I was really busy hyung , I had to finish a paper for my psychology class , I want to be a children psychologist ”

jinki look at him finding the anger towards him vanishing “ is okay , by the way where do you study?” minho smile brightly at him “ well I am attending sm university” jinki gasp surprise saying “ is really close to the hospital were I work only 5 minutes walk” minho smiling more brightly standing up saying “ I have to go , have fun hyung” jinki wanted to ask him if he was going to see him again but the words die on his lips.

Jinki had a great time he played basketball, finish his book , do a little of kayaking , rock climbing , he was exhausted he only could think about having a shower and falling a sleep but he thinks minho had other plans in mind because when he opened the door he could see minho waiting for him , the second he saw jinki enter he told him “ hyung, do you want to go star gazing with me I have everything that we need in this basket , so do you want to?” jinki thought that minho wasn’t fair how could he say no to him when minho was looking at him with the cutest face ever , jinki just gave a little nod minho standing up saying with a big smile “ yes, lets go then” and just like that they were out of the door jinki following minho .

They finally arrived close to the lake and minho stops telling him “ we are here” he starts to look inside the basket he has and takes out a blanket and puts in the grass telling jinki “ here ,sit hyung” jinki looks at him with a little wonder , he sits , seconds later he can feel minho sitting next to him looking at the sky above them .

jinki starts talking about the star he actually knew a lot about them ,he could see that minho was actually listening and asking him questions after a while it got a little boring so jinki ask him “ are we going back?” minho was a little bit startled jinki guess that he was in the process of falling asleep his eyes looked a little groggy ,but he shakes his head saying “ I really want to see the sunrise , do you want to see it with me, hyung?” again with the puppy face; god how does he do it, but jinki try to persuade him a little bit saying as he stand up “ we could see the sunrise another day , you look tired lest go back”.

minho had really sad eyes when he heard him but tell jinki “ you can go back if you want, hyung ” jinki heart sadden looking at him , he really wanted to see the sunrise with him, so jinki sit again next to him telling him without words that he would stay with him , minho had a big smile on his face as he tell jinki “thanks ,hyung” .

Time actually was running a little faster than jinki expected they were talking and knowing about each other, jinki was glad that minho was the same caring ,smart boy he once met , minho had brought coffee for them so after like 10 minutes they were full of caffeine and bored so minho ask jinki with a naughty smile on his face “ hey hyung lets play truth or dare” jinki started to laugh saying “minho we are not kids anymore” minho took his hands saying “ oh come on hyung , we have like 5 more hours to see the sunrise , come on It would be fun”.

jinki sigh he really needed to learn how to say no to those puppy eyes looking at minho say “ okay, so who goes first ?” minho thought for a while then say “ lets play paper ,rock and scissors and the loser has to choose”.

jinki smile preparing his fist , minho seeing this he also prepare himself they look at each other and at the same time they play jinki loosing when he choose rock and minho choose paper minho smile asking him “ so hyung truth or dare?” jinki didn’t wanted to do a dare so he say “ truth” minho looking at him ask him “ tell me the story of your first kiss” .

Jinki was blushing at the question “ should he really tell him the story , what if he remembers ?” his mind ask but after seconds he could hear his mind say “ he wont , he hasn’t remember you at all these past days” . Jinki lay in the grass as he told him “ you better lay down , is a long story , are you sure you want to hear it ?” he felt minho laying down next to him saying “of course”. Jinki could feel his mind traveling far away as he begun to remember memories flashing trough him like it was yesterday and he start telling minho.
10 years before

a 16 year old jinki was saying good bye to his parents when they left him here at big dreams camp , it was the first time he would go to a camp and he hated the idea and say no the same day his parents ask him if he wanted to go there , it wasn’t until he heard his parents talking in their room about how much worried they were about him not having friends , not having fun , he thought about it , he hasn’t had a problem making friends but he didn’t have a person who he really connected with that is why he preferred to be alone but he wanted to make his parents feel less worried so the next day he told them that he would go to camp , he felt a lot better already when they both smile relieved his mother giving him a big hug telling him “ you would have so much fun , you will see”.

Jinki hasn’t been there even for a hour and he hated it , the place was to crowded , to loud for his liking a headache was starting to rise when he went to the cafeteria with the other kids to listen to the welcoming speech .

It was a really long and boring speech the owner call each and every one of them and gave him a bag in there it had the uniform , sunblock, a big diary ( they wanted them for write a least 2 times a week , so you could have memories of your time there) and a variety of pencils . After you sign a paper saying that you had receive everything the owner would tell you the number of your cabin saying as last words “ jinki in here remember to dream , to dream big okay” .

jinki always like that sentence even though was a little bit cheesy , so he took everything he owned ,starting to walk towards his cabin , when he enter he saw two bed and one bathroom , he started to put his clothes away when the door opened he turn to say hello to the person when in front of him was a really tall boy in front of him with big and dark eyes , the boy in front of him smile at him and for a second jinki forgot how to speak but he got out of his daze and walk to him saying “ hi hyung my name is jinki”.

The other boy shook his hand saying “ well my name is min ,nice to meet you I never been a hyung before but I will do my best , how old are you 12 or 11? jinki look at him a little confused he say “ no, I am 16 actually” minho started to laugh really loud “ I think there’s a confusion here , I am 13 years old; so you are the hyung not me ,jinki” jinki blush and look at minho finding him looking at him intensely murmuring so low not wanting to jinki to heard him “ he is so cute”.

Jinki found out almost instantly that minho was a really mature and acted beyond his age but he had an innocence that pull him towards him, he was a really quiet person , because he felt that he was talking to himself at night ;if it wasn’t for the uhmm or yeah, he could swear that he was all alone in the cabin .

The next day when he woke up he notice that the bed sheets had a little bit of dirt on them but he didn’t thought to much about it and continue with his day , he saw the boy almost following him but staying far from him , like he wanted to check on him , jinki quickly made friends with a boy named jognhyun that was playing the guitar jinki also like to sing but was shy about it , the other boy was always with his roommate name key .
jinki liked key he was really weird but in a good way , the 3 of them quickly started to spend time together , them noticing that minho was always close to them but far at the same time , on the third day he couldn’t stand it anymore and he invited minho to swim with them , he walked where he was hiding telling him “ I don’t know why you feel that you have to be watching me all the time from a afar if you could be with us” he saw minho look at the grass saying a little shyly “ I don’t want to disturb you when you are with your friends” .

jinki laugh saying “ min you are my friend too so come” when minho heard this from jinki he open his eyes really big a happy smile on his face . As days pass he could see his roommate growing tired and tired like he couldn’t sleep at night well; the dark circles under his eyes were getting bigger and darker each passing day but jinki couldn’t recall seeing the boy not sleeping when he himself fall at sleep, he always made sure it was after seeing him falling asleep first, because he was getting a little worried and every time he ask him about he would say that nothing was wrong that he was sleeping alright but jinki suspect he wasn’t telling him all the truth.

One night after saying good night to minho he fall a sleep almost instantly, he was really tired he learned archery that day minho teaching him at first he was bad at it but after minho taught him he got so much better, hitting the target perfectly, minho hugged him so tight telling him “ you did great hyung” they were laughing until they look each other in the eyes jinki blush when he noticed how close he was of minho almost their nose touching , their breath mingling together , lips tingling , he saw minho wetting his lips ,he saw him looking at his eyes with such intensity that he couldn’t understand his eyes traveling his face stopping in his lips , he felt him moving closer to him closing his eyes , jinki doing the same when he heard someone calling him “ jinki , what are you doing?” they both jump at the voice separating of each other embrace to see key walking towards them “ jinki come on , lets go to the lake , jong is already there waiting for us , are you coming min?” minho shook his head walking away from them.

He dream that he was walking trough the forest , he wanted to see the stars close to the lake but he stumble with the ground falling , he could feel the pain but kept sleeping he could hear a voice telling him in the distance “ hyung are you okay , please say something , jinki talk to me” .

He felt arms on his shoulders trying to woke him up but he kept dreaming until he heard the voice say “oh, hyung” feeling a feather touch on top of his lips , the touch was so soft but it woke him up completely seeing minho eyes close , kissing him , the surprise quickly transform in happiness when without knowing what to do he kiss back , he felt minho surprise opening his eyes , his lips leaving jinki to rest his forehead in jinki as he told him “ I am sorry hyung , I wanted to kiss you so badly all this last days , looking after you when you sleep walk , you always come here ,i only made sure you were alright , sometimes I could take your hand and lead you to the cabin , sometimes I dint want to come back , I wanted to be here with you seeing the stars even when you never talk to me , I am sorry”.

Jinki taking minho face in his hands so he could see his face ask him “ why?” he could see him getting flustered opening his eyes wide trying to release himself of jinki hands grabbing jinki hands in his , but jinki hold got a littler stronger but not hurting him saying “ min why , why do all this for me ? I don’t understand” minho close his eyes loosing all control he sighed deeply murmuring “ you will never understand” not knowing that jinki had heard him making jinki caress his cheek “ make me understand”.

Minho opened his eyes leaning his face at the touch looking at jinki eyes telling him “ because I like hyung , I am falling for you , hyung I.....” been stop by jinki lips on him kissing him so tenderly both of them smiling in the kiss , jinki telling him between chaste butterfly kisses “ I like you too min” knowing very well without words that they would be in each other hearts forever.

Both of them return to the cabin holding hands laughing jinki preparing himself to bed when after he cover himself with the blankets he felt the bed dip feeling minho arm around him holding him tight whispering in his ear “ can I sleep here with you hyung?”.

jinki voice struggled to get out he only could nod his head , as he felt minho face in the crook of his neck, his lips at back of his neck ,his breath lulling him to sleep . The next days were like a fairytale they would be together all day , they would hold hands under the table , steal kisses when no one was watching , say sweet nothing in each other ears , blushing madly , sleeping in each other arms all nights until the day before of the departing .

Minho and him never talk about the day they would have to separate , they didn’t wanted to think about that , when they were in the cabin after saying their good byes to the friends they had made after all the time there , they begun to silently do their bags , jinki didn’t know what to say , he didn’t wanted to separated from him .
they lived to far from each other , so it would be impossible to see each other as much like they wanted , thinking about leaving minho made him feel to sad it wasn’t until minho turn him around to face him , his hands caressing his face that he noticed that he was crying.

Minho drying his tears with kisses telling him “ hyung please don’t cry , I hated when you cry , its going to be okay I promise , when we get older, I will look for you and we would be together forever hyung , I love you , can you wait for me ?”. Jinki knew that was a wishful thinking but he knew that he would wait for him always “ yes , I will” kissing him tenderly both of them falling to bed kissing each other until they fall a sleep .

The next day he didn’t left each other side until jinki parents came for him , jinki saw the car approaching from a far, taking minho hands leading him to the back of the cabin , without words he kiss him , he could feel the kiss getting a little salty by their tears , minho knowing without words that jinki was saying good bye to him , resting his forehead in his ,murmur “ min remember our promise ”. minho look at his eyes murmuring “ hyung I will , please just go , I don’t want to see you leave , good bye , I love you”.

Jinki left his hold walking towards the car when he turn around and yell to minho “ I love you too min” he could hear minho sob , his own tears running from his face when he approach his parents .

The present
jinki look at minho when he finish telling the story , minho was really quiet so he said “ see, I told you it was long” minho took his hand asking him “ did he kept his promise ? Have you seen him here?” jinki couldn’t believe it, he still didn’t remember anything saying to him “ yes I saw him but he doesn’t remember me , so” minho sat in front of him with a curious face asking him “ who is he hyung , can I help you?”.

jinki shook his head quickly “ no ,minho please don’t lets just continue playing” preparing himself seeing minho doing the same this time minho choosing scissors, him choosing paper , he sighed deeply he couldn’t choose truth of fearing of minho wanting to know who gave him, his first kiss so he say “ dare ,I chose dare minho” gasping a little when he felt minho close to him telling him with his low voice “ I dare you to kiss me hyung”.

Jinki opened his eye wide “ what? Minho are you messing with me, isn’t funny” feeling minho fingertips brushing his lips telling him “ just kiss me tofu” jinki gasp surprise tofu, was the nickname minho had gave him after they become a couple ;he stop thinking when he once again felt minho wonderful lips on top of his, the innocent peck turn hungrier, passionate with each passing second, both of them wanting to erase all the loneliness of being apart for so long .

jinki smile to minho and started punching his chest playfully as he tell him “ pabo, I thought you didn’t remember me” minho look at him taking his hands on his “ I never forgot hyung , I always remember you , I always kept our promise”. minho look at him with a little fear in his eyes when he ask him “ did you kept our promise? Are you willing to start at new with me ?” jinki smiled at him nodding his head kissing him tenderly telling him “ I did and yes I will start at new with you , I missed you froggy”.

Minho started to laugh, no one called him like that only jinki could , taking jinki hands on his bringing them to his lips kissing it tenderly telling him “ I wont let you go away from me ever again , hyung” . Both of them excited for the beginning of their life together as they begun to know each other again , they couldn’t wait , smiling they waited for the sun to rise holding each other tight in their arms .
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The reunion
Title : The reunion(1/2)
Rating: pg-13
Summary: Big dreams camp is celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a reunion , jinki really wants to see choi minho the boy who capture his heart.
Warning : is been a lot of time that i havent write anything so please be gentle with me .

Lee jinki was returning home from a long day at the hospital his feet screaming of the pain of being all day on his feet treating patients after patients, even thought he was dead tired he couldn’t stop smiling; he loved his job as a pediatrician , he had always loved kids.
On top of the table where his mother had left his food with a cute note telling him that she loves him and that he better kiss her goodbye tomorrow ,she left his mail, he took the food and put in the microwave as he waited for the food to heat up he started to go trough his mail ,his heart stopping for a second when he saw a letter from “ big dreams camp” in big words , smiling at the memories ,big dreams was the first camp he ever attended and he loved every minute of it .

He opened the letter really fast, a big smile covering his face when he read that the camp was celebrating a 10 year reunion and that he was invited to stay there for 2 weeks.
He took his food and started to eat still reading the letter it said that the reunion would take place 2 months from now and he had too call the secretary to reserved his space . He look at his watch sighing he definitely couldn’t call at that hour of the night but he would certainly do it tomorrow, he wants to go so badly , there is someone very special that he wanted to see again ;praying that he would go to the reunion too.

when he finish eating he drag himself to his room knowing very well his mother would yell at him if she found him sleeping again on a chair his head resting on the table . The next day after making a little effort and having breakfast with his mom ,he went to work a minute before he sign in he called the camp and reserved his space to a very excited woman that squeal when she heard his name , founding her reaction a little awkward but he didn’t had the time to keep thinking of it , he couldn’t wait for the day of the reunion.

Finally the day came jinki had prepare everything the night before so he just woke up had a little breakfast and hit the road , two hours later he could see the camp sign getting bigger as he got closer , thanking god that he didn’t got lost , when he step out of the car he begun to notice how nervous he was , he took a big breath thinking “come on jinki ,relax maybe he wont be here even if he does I am sure he had forgotten all about you” with this he started to walk towards the main entrance when he was almost reaching the entrance he heard his name being call with a unsure voice “jinki” he turn around to see a short man with dark eyes that reminded him a dinosaur he started to laugh when he say “ jonghyun , right” jonghyun smile shaking his hand “ I knew it was you , you haven’t change a bit hyung” .

Jjinki look at him and smile saying “well you haven’t change either , so lets have a great time ok” jonghyun smile walking next to him towards the cafeteria were the welcoming ceremony was been held , when they finally reach the cafeteria , jonghyun tell him “ hyung did you know that all of this was the new owner idea” jinki look at the other with sad eyes he really liked the other principal he was such a great person , he kept hearing jognhyu “ yeah , I heard the he is the son of the owner , he supposedly was with us that year” . jinki started to look around after jonghyun had met key again , they were always together back then so he left them alone to bond again, he started to walk around to see if he could see him , see the boy that capture his heart that summer and took his first kiss from him , he wanted to see choi minho. Jinki grew sadder as time pass by he could see almost everyone he once knew back then but not the man he most wanted to see.

A woman walk to the center of the cafeteria with a mic in hand saying “ please sit down , we are about to begin my name is suzy, I am the guidance counselor , I am here to say welcome to “big dreams reunion” I hope you have a great time here and to make you remember to dream , to dream big” she was about to go when she turn around saying “ sorry I forgot to tell you , I going to hand out a pamphlet that has all the information you need like the activities , the hours , the number of your cabin etc ” saying this she begun to handle out the pamphlets , when she finish she just left saying “ don’t go yet , the new owner would be here shortly to talk with you and give all of you he most sincere welcome”.

Jinki was a little hungry so he went to grab a sandwich when a low voice startled him he turn towards the voice seeing in front of him a very handsome , older choi minho he was talking with a mic , he was so surprised that only the words “ new owner , enjoy and welcome” were registered on his mind, so the boy that he most wanted to see not only was he there , he is the new owner of the camp , choi minho the one who thought of doing the reunion , the one who made it easier for jinki to see him again “ does he still remember me” my mind couldn’t stop thinking when I woke up from my daze I was still standing up next to a table with a big sandwich in my hands noticing that almost everybody were leaving to their cabins so he quickly eat and went to his car to take his luggage to go to his cabin , walking towards the camp he opened the pamphlet and saw that he would stay in cabin number 7 the same one he had when he was here the first time , the same one he shared with him , he kept on walking wondering who would be his new roommate , almost dropping his luggage when he saw choi minho already there .

Minho when he heard the door been opened he turn around to see his roommate , he quickly extended his hands for the other man to shake saying “ my name is choi minho , you must be lee jinki right , my roommate” jinki took his hands on his and gave him a shy shake his voice breaking a little “i am” minho smile at him still holding his hand “ lets have a great time jinki” .
Jinki after the awkward introduction he started to put his clothes away his mind traveling really far from there , jinki couldn’t stop himself to feel a little sad ,minho didn’t remember him at all , he could still remember the shy , silent younger boy that would follow him everywhere and would stay far from him to not disturb him when he was with friends the same boy that only him could make him smile ,talk even play with others .
Jinki with his pajama already in his hand look at the man in front of him , he looked almost the same but he had changed to this confident , smart , talkative person, he was glad ,walking towards the bathroom to have a bath he noticed that minho had fallen a sleep .

Inside the shower the warm water soaking his body was making him feel relax, he started to sing a soft song not too loud to wake up the man sleeping, he was stepping out of the bath tub when he slipped and fell , when he hit the floor he left out a scream of pain a second later he could see a startled minho in front of him , his face full of worry “ jinki are you okay , can you stand , come on jinki talk to me” jinki couldn’t talk not because of the pain it was because minho was standing really close to him ; he could feel the heat of his body , the warmth of his breath on him making his body shiver, realizing that he is naked in front of him , jinki quickly cover himself with his hands the best he could , minho saw this and told him “ I didn’t see anything jinki , just tell me are you okay”.

jinki still didn’t respond him , so jinki think minho grow a little more worried or more upset with him not responding him so he only could gasp surprise when seconds later he felt minho hands under him pulling him up bride style and dropping him on the bed very gently . Jinki saw his eyes go dark and dilated for a second before he just walk away , jinki could see him searching for something , then jinki felt something on his stomach minho had trow him a big shirt saying to him with a low rough voice “ jinki put the shirt on” jinki didn’t hear the soft “please” that follow , he put on the shirt telling him “ done “ minho turn around and walk closer to bed asking him “ are you okay , do you want me to call you an ambulance”.

jinki just shook his head not trusting his own voice he heard minho sigh relieved , sitting on his own bed ;jinki could still feel his burning gaze at him , he could hear his breathing getting faster and deeper like he was trying to control himself but of what so he just started to cover himself with the covers telling minho a soft “thank you” seconds later jinki could hear loud steps walking towards the bathroom and a loud noise when the bathroom door was closed.

jinki didn’t know what has just happen he couldn’t understand why minho was so angry with him, when he hadn’t done anything to him ,so he close his eyes falling a sleep in a heartbeat with the promise to not bother minho anymore.

The next day when jinki open his eyes he smile, he could see from the window that it was a beautiful day feeling so warm he almost gasp when he felt arms around his waist holding him tight ,when he turn around he saw a sleepy minho with a big smile on his face.
jinki started to get panic “ what the hell happen , why I am almost naked in bed with choi minho , him hugging me tight” jinki wanted to escape from minho hold but he didn’t know a way of doing it without waking minho up, so he just lay down again and close his eyes deciding to wait until minho woke up and free him from his arms .

Jinki couldn’t fall a sleep again minho closeness was making his body overdrive , he was to sensitive to everything that involved minho , he could feel the weight of his arms in his waist , the muscles of minho stomach in his back , his warm breathing in the back of his neck , the scent of his body against him , his mind stopping when he felt him stir against him , jinki sigh a little relieved minho was waking up finally, he didn’t wanted to think how much longer he could have lasted been so close and so far at the same time from him but what happen next make him shiver even more , he felt him pulling him closer at his chest , his head resting in the crook of his neck a smile on his lips as he continue sleeping , jinki close his eyes taking a deep breath , just waiting and praying god for minho to move a little far from him thanking god when minho did , opening his big eyes really slowly.

jinki didn’t know what to do or what to say to makes things better , he could clearly see the surprise on minho face when he notice that he was hugging him ,minho sit up really fast the arms that were holding jinki waist moved away jinki feeling a little sad for a second , when he noticed minho looking at him with big eyes , jinki swallow before saying a shy “ hello” minho look at him like waiting for a response of a question that he didn’t have to ask with words because his face and his eyes did the questioning for him like , why in hell he was in his bed? so he took a deep breath and said “ look I am sorry , I think after using the bathroom I just lay down on the first bed I felt , I was sleepy minho and I didn’t saw you because it was dark ,i …..” jinki stop when he heard minho laughing he didn’t understand what was happening but minho kept laughing tears falling from his eyes, he look at jinki and say “ is okay , is funny thought that you can walk with the lights turn off without tripping or falling down but when the lights are on; you fall down almost all the time”.
jinki felt a little embarrassed of minho words standing up to go the bathroom to have a bath and hide from minho for a little bit , When jinki was inside the bathroom minho say softly “ is cute , you are still so cute hyung ”.
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The ghost
Author: yariealina
Rating: r
Pairing: minho/onew .
Summary: onew see something that scared him and minho calm him down .
Warning: writen fast ,i dont have a beta write . onew really saw a ghost that looked like minho.The ghost

I t was almost 12:00 pm when Minho and I return to our apartment to change clothes , we had another interview this time with the rest of the members ; the manager telling us that he would pick us up in two hours , I really wanted to have a bath so I hopped on the shower to clean myself and to get rid off the tiredness I felt .

I heard that minho was going to just change his clothes and try to finish the paper he had to make for his acting class , I finish rather fast , after feeling the freezing water on my heated skin ,my senses woke up instantly , making me feel so much better , after this I only needed to drink a cup of coffee and I would be bouncing up and down .

when I step out of the shower , I remember that I didn’t brought any clothes or even a towel to dry myself so I opened the door a little to see if minho was close ,so he could bring me a towel ;as i open the door I saw a shadow move in the living room , it was very tall and he had black short hair so I concluded that it must be minho , so I yelled to him “ minho please bring me a towel, I forgot to bring one” .

closing the door of the bathroom waiting for him to come , after a while minho hasn’t came I was getting cold by my wet skin so I opened the door again ,yelling to minho again my voice full of annoyance “ minho , I told you to bring me a towel are you deaf?”.

suddenly minho walks towards me saying “ I am sorry hyung were you calling for me , I decided to take a bath after all , what do you need?” at his words I started to shake , realizing that I had seen a ghost ,a spirit that looked like minho , I knew that we were only the two of us in the apartment .

I was in shock, I couldn’t speak , minho had noticed my change in me , freaking out a little when I didn’t answer him, my body shaking like a leaf in the wind the only words I could hear was “ god hyung what happen , tell me, you are scaring me , please come on , tell me” hugging me tight in his arms and I couldn’t stop my tears to fall .I was so scared and in shock; I had seen a ghost for god sakes .

Minho in the other hand didn’t know what to do ;his hyung was in his arms, crying and shaking, he really wanted to know what was wrong but jinki couldn’t speak , like he somehow lost his voice , he was starting to freak out so minho did what his mother always do to him when he had a nightmare ;kiss him , so minho kiss jinki in his cheeks , laying a sweet peck on both of jinki cute chubby cheeks. Minho had to control his self , He had to help the guy not space out at the feeling of kissing him .

I felt jinki calming down a little so I continue kissing him all over his face .When jinki body calm down ,i parted a little so I could see jinki face , I wanted to ask him what happen , now that Jinki was more calmed , but instead the one who got flustered was me ,when I noticed that jinki was completely naked in my arms , his wet body had mess up my clothes . something inside of me flipped, I couldn’t stop myself for doing what I did , I felt my hands grabbing jinki face raising his face so he could see me in the eyes before kissing jinki on his soft lips , my lips closed just kissing him chastely , slow, but what begun to be a innocent first kiss turn passionate when I felt jinki lips trace my lips with his tongue .

minho moaning at the pleasure that run through him like fire , lips nibbling each other until one of them , he doesn’t care who parted his lips first slightly, for tongues to slide inside their wet caverns , tasting each other completely .

I could feel his body and my trembling , jinki eyes black by desire just seeing him like that made my mouth dried like I was a thirst man in the desert and only jinki lips could satiate my thirst , minho lips begun to place kisses on the crook of jinki neck , the tip of his nose breathing his scent as he tickle him with his nose and lay open kisses on his neck , hands sliding down his chest , to his abdomen , to place them on his hips as he push them on a wall .

minho could hear jinki gasp when his back collide with the cold wall , making hiss at the contact , minho moaning softly at jinki fingertips touching caressing his hair , pulling minho gently towards his lips as jinki took possession of his lips in a breathtaking kiss .

I could feel my self loosing control ,jinki kiss was making me crazy , making me desire , want more of him , my hands caressing his skin stopping close to his butt cheeks , both of us stopping abruptly at the touch, minho looking at jinki for permission , I could feel my fingers tingling by expectation as I touch his skin but staying still because I wouldn’t do something jinki didn’t wanted, so I just wait for an answer that it came when jinki place his hands above mine lowering them further ,i grab his butt with a little force , when I did; I could lift him up so he could place his legs around mine waist ,both of us shuddering when jinki did , our crotchs almost touching .

I grab jinki closer to me , kissing him softly again ,i wanted to take time to love jinki lips ,jinki mouth , we were both getting to worked up loosing ourselves by our touch, jinki lips on me making me feel weaker by the minute making me put the palm of my hands on top of the wall to have something to hold on too ;as I continue to be ravish by jinki .

I couldn’t think on nothing more perfect than this until I felt jinki hips moving against mine , trusting against me slowly , minho closed his eyes tight at the pleasure , resting his forehead on jinki looking at jinki in the eyes as they started to trust against each other staring at each other all the time , now whimpers, moans could be heard in the apartment.

minho begun to feel his stomach tighten as he knew his climax was approaching a little smile on his lips when he felt jinki losing control also ,as he trust faster against him , his hands grabbing the back of minho head to bring him to his lips as he kiss minho , muffling the little scream that escape from him when he reach his climax making him trow his head back hitting the wall, as his body shudder against minho soaking minho clothes with his release .

I couldn’t take it anymore , I lost control the second I felt jinki warm release on top of my pants making me tremble as I too climax hard against jinki , feeling my boxers soiled with semen , minho collapsing on top of jinki body that was still glued to the wall , they both try to calm their breathing .minho help jinki to step on the floor feeling his self regretting not having jinki wonderful legs around him .

The both of them were silent looking at each other as they regain their self , minho open his mouth to say something but jinki place a finger on his lips stopping him before he could do so , telling him
“ don’t ,our manager is about to come any minute and we have schedule to attend too, if we talk now it would be in a rush and not meaningful , I know that you are confused, trust me so am I , but I promise you minho , I will tell you the truth, when we come back tonight , okay ,can you do the same and talk to me with nothing but the truth, promise me you will ” minho felt jinki eyes looking at him , his lips trembling when he say “ I will hyung , I would only speak the truth , I promise ” unwilling they separated each other , as they started to walk to their rooms ;one to put some clothes on the other to change his wet clothes , both stopping when they reach the door and looking at each other smiling before entering only a thought running through their minds , “ tonight I will tell you jinki , I love you” , “ minho tonight I will tell you , I love you”.
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The haunted house
Author: yariealina
Rating: pg
Pairing: minho/onew .
Summary: Minho and onew got dare to go to the haunted house of their town .
Warning: writen fast ,i dont have a beta write .

The haunted house

The day before Halloween , they were all having lunch in the cafeteria sitting in one table talking and having a great time like they always do , minho was looking at his friends always gasping at how they got to be friends even thought they were totally different; minho had met key first because they were in the same classroom and been paired with him for an assignment after that ,they stood close together , by him he met jonghyun who was his childhood friend , who welcomed him with open arms , with jonghyun came jinki, the shy adorable senior that tutor him in math ;who brought his adorable little cousin that melt the heart of the omma of their group , minho smile at them they were really an interesting group , they complemented each other perfectly , respecting each other ideas , learning about each other in the process.

He was lucky for having them , he wouldn’t be the same if he didn’t have them in his life especially the adorable nerd that made him feel weird things just by been close to him . Returning to earth when he heard key calling him really loudly , making him come back to his senses ;turning to him saying “ what ?”

key look at him red in the face ;minho could see he was mad at him for ignoring him , key took a deep breath asking him “ minho I was asking you if you knew about the haunted house we had in the woods close to here” he smile ;minho had heard something about it but he didn’t believe in any of it saying with a scoff in his voice “ yeah I heard about it , you don’t believe the stories right , the are all bull, there is nothing wrong with the house it just urban legend “.

jonghyun saying to him “ they are true ,people that step inside the house , goes missing forever” minho started to laugh “ you cant be serious , its all lies” key smirk at him telling him “ well ,then prove it” minho look at him saying to him “ I will , I will prove to all of you , that it is just an old house ;nothing more”.

key looked at jinki who was eating his lunch in silence , jinki felt someone staring intensely at him opening his eyes wide when he noticed key eyes on him that wasn’t a good sign, he knew how mischievous the guy was , so he brace himself for what was going to come; he almost choke with his food when he heard key say to minho “ okay go with jinki then for evidence” jinki swallow his food saying to key “ why do I have to go with him , I don’t want too , don’t include me in this , this is your bet with him ,nothing to do with me”.

Taemin look at his cousin knowing very well why he didn’t want to go ;it wasn’t because he was afraid because he might not look like it ,but his cousin jinki was really brave , he just didn’t wanted to be all alone with his long time crush , but he tease jinki either way “ what ;are you scare cousin come on ,is just an old house , it wont bite you”.

taemin brace his self at the look his favorite cousin trow at him , he suddenly felt really scared he gulp thinking “ I am so dead” sighing relieve when key step in the conversation saying to them “ you are both going ,end of the discussion” jinki look at key like he was murdering him in his mind or planing how to ,telling them “ okay, I will but not because you told me too ;is because I had always been curious about the house too”

The next day at night minho got out of his car at the fence that was put there so people wont wander in the forest and get lost after the disappearance of a couple of people , he could see jinki already waiting for him at the fence, smiling when he saw him saying “ I thought you weren’t coming , you are late” minho place one hand on his shoulder telling him “ I got side track by my mom she wanted me to buy her milk, before me going away to see a movie at your house with the boys , what did you tell your mom?

Jinki started to laugh saying “ oh boy , I told her the same thing but instead of my house it was going to be at yours” they both smile for a second minho looking at the fence then at jinki telling him “ so , I guess we have to enter right , do you have the map?” .

jinki check his backpack nodding with his head when he saw the map inside , they jumped the fence and started to walk , it was a really dark night and cold as hell , they could see their breath in the air ,shivering at the coldness they were feeling , they finally reach the house it looked more scaring that they thought but brush those thought aside thinking that it has to look like that because it was a really an old house .

minho heard his mother say to him when he was little , that the mayor of the town restored the house and made it a museum ;but one day the girl working there disappear and people got scared and never went there, so in the end the people decided to closed it down .

taking his camera minho decided to take a photo of both of them in front of the house for evidence , after that they finally step inside , turning on their flash lights gasping at the beauty that they could see , the place was really simple but elegant even thought the house was full of spiderweb , rotten floor , they could imagine how pretty the place was in the past , next to a big chime was a big book shelve full of books ;jinki being the book lover that he is ; he begun to read the titles of the books , he was so immersed at the collection in front of him that he didn’t notice that minho wasn’t standing next to him anymore .

Minho on the other hand had found a picture of the first owners of the house the ones that supposedly were the first victims of the house curse , the first ones to disappear never to be found . Minho was looking at the photo ,the couple in the picture was really young and they looked so happy and so much in love that he felt envy all of the sudden ;he really wanted to love a special person but knowing that it wouldn’t be right to do so.

Suddenly minho heard jinki voice yelling far from him “help me , minho” jinki voice sounded so terrified that made minho run as fast as he could towards him but then everything got silent , the only thing he could hear was his heartbeat beating faster and faster inside of him , scare for jinki , he started to look for jinki around the house but nothing ,he was beginning to lose his mind when he saw jinki flash light in the floor ;knowing very well that jinki wouldn’t leave it , he needed to see better , he started to yell his name like a crazy man , his heart growing sadder ,hopeless , at the thought of loosing jinki .

Minho was cursing at loud for jinki to come when he felt a hand grabbing his writs turning him around with force , his heart almost stopping at the touch , his body freezing in the spot ,when he saw key in front of him yelling to him “ minho , what happen ? , where is jinki ?” minho stay silent he couldn’t speak until key shake him with force telling him again “ minho , answer me ,where is jinki?”. minho only could stutter “ I donttttt knoooow , I cant find himmm” key face paled hearing minho answers ,telling minho with a comfort voice “ don’t worry we would find him okay, everything is going to be alright , you see, come on lets look for him ”.

minho look at key asking him when they started to look for jinki “ what are you doing here key ?” key look at him telling him “ I wanted to make sure you both were okay but when I got here I started to hear your screams so I hurry here to help” .

one hour later and still no signs of jinki they look every where inside the house but nothing , key and minho decided to look for him in the woods ;they were walking when key ask minho “ do you know the curse of this house”.

minho telling him “ yes ,something about anyone who enter the house disappears” key stop him telling him “ well actually that is not the whole story you see it all started with the first owners of this house , it was a very young couple that got married because it was arranged by their parents ,they didn’t met each other until the wedding day . The young couple got married and as a gift the parents of the groom buy them this house , you see the parents of the groom named onew ,were really rich so they give them the house for them to live and raise a family , Onew was a really decent shy guy , who didn’t know how to act around his beautiful bride . Onew had never had a girlfriend before he only study hard to take the company when his father died . after a while the couple started to know each other , then to get along , then they started to have strong feelings about each other. the wife named minjung was the first to fall in love with her husband , she loved how good he treat her and how handsome she found him since the day of the wedding , but got scared you see she was a tomboy, she thought onew didn’t found her beautiful so she never say anything to him , decided to let their relationship to run their curse .One day she couldn’t stand it anymore after 3 years of being together ,sleeping in the same bed , feeling his arms around her when she wakes up feeling him so close to her but at the same time so far ; she asked him “ onew , what do you feel about me ?” the groom looked at her , telling her “ well you had become my best friend minjung , why?” tears started to wet her cheeks as she told him “ is not enough for me onew , I love you”saying this she disappear , leaving onew all alone , him realizing that he had loved her too all this time but he was afraid to love her , afraid of her rejection, afraid of getting hurt by her. she never return; onew never had the chance to tell her how much he loved her , how much he wanted to be with her ,love her , smile with her , play sport with her but most importantly raise a cute family with her , onew died all alone not before placing a curse in this house that if a couple step inside the house and they loved each other but either one of them or both didn’t wanted to realize the love for the other person , the house would make the person who hasn’t realized his feelings or didn’t want too ,suffer all alone by taking the love of his life from him forever , for been too scared of loving the person like onew did in the past ,he wanted other people to feel what he felt when she left him ”.

Minho look at him with a serious voice “ why are you telling me all this key? , we have to find jinki for god sakes , I am not leaving without him you hear me” key stop minho again asking him “ because I know how you feel about him that is why”.

Minho eyes were wide he was in shock “ what are you talking about?” key smirk again at him “ minho I always kind of knew that you were in love jinki but I wasn’t sure but now with jinki disappearance in this place , this house , I know for sure , you are in love with him but didn’t wanted to realized it right ?, that is why the house took jinki away from you, because you didn’t wanted to accept that you fall in love with him, that you were crazy in love with another man “ .

key looked at him and scoff “ that would tarnish your playboy reputation , that is why , right? you kept silent, all this time , that is why you never confessed to jinki knowing very well jinki love you too with all his heart , now you will have to live knowing that jinki the person you love was taken away from you because of your fears ,because you were scared about other people opinions about you : you disgust me minho now jinki is gone and is all your fault” .

minho run towards the house stepping inside his knee gave up on him as he fell to the floor crying hard and screaming to the house “ I love him , please bring him back , bring him back to me , please , I love him do you hear me , please , I love him ,i don’t care about what other people will think of me , I want to be with him , please ”.

suddenly there was light in the house minho raise his eyes to see the book shelve been opened, revealing a crying jinki , taemin and jonghyun walking behind him , jinki went to minho ;helping him stand up asking him “ do you really love me?”.

Minho couldn’t believe it, he was so happy , he had jinki in front of him unharmed , minho didn’t wait a second more to place his lips on top of jinki in a sweet kiss giving soft pecks on top of jinki soft plump lips telling him “ I do jinki , I really love you , I am sorry for being a coward”, jinki hands caress his hair bringing minho closer to him so he could kiss him deeper .

Key started to tell the new couple “please don’t kill us; we just couldn’t stand to see both of you apart anymore , knowing that you loved each other” looking at minho that was hugging jinki tight on his arms told him “ specially you my friend , you needed a little push to accept your love for him and the courage to fight for it ; so we did all this”.

jinki parted a little from minho hold saying “ but I had heard the story of the curse from my mom” key smirk saying “ well ,I didn’t lied about that, the curse is an old story that pass trough generations” minho was the one to ask this time “ how you know all this?” key looked at them telling them “ because they were my great , great , great grandparents , you see it really happen; after my grandma left , my grandpa fell to the floor like you did minho ;crying realizing his love for her , he went to their room to see if she was still there to tell her that he loved her too , finding all of her clothes gone , he quickly step outside to look for her in the town before she could leave in a bus or any kind of transportation , but he didn’t found her , he got back to their house to look for her picture saying in a loud voice “ please come back minjung ,I love you ” hearing a loud thud in the floor seeing his wife in front of him , he run towards her and kissed her telling her that he loved her , that he wanted to live the rest of his life with her , he beg her not to leave him again , she was confused at the words of leave him , why he thought that , you see she never had the intention of leaving him ,she just took all of her clothes to wash them in the river; that night they made love for the first time ,the two of them lived happily ever after, I know because only my family knows the truth because the real story is been told for generations, our family decided to keep people thinking that is haunted when it really isn’t for fun and for five a little excitement to this boring place ”.

Minho look at jinki again telling him “ I am so glad it was a lie , I don’t know what would I do without you jinki , I love you ” kissing him again, forgetting all about the company that they had he didnt see their friends cheering for them , he just wanted to kiss jinki senseless until he couldn’t breath , when he parted he rest his forehead in jinki hearing him say “ do you want to come over to my house minho , my parents aren’t home” minho smile at him asking him “ are you looking for trouble jinki?”.

jinki smile naughty at him whispering in his ear “ maybe”. When they all started to leave minho and jinki were holding their fingers intertwined; looking back at the photo of the couple , thanking them in silence for helping them getting together , gasping when they saw onew smiling at them and minjung winking at them , the couple look at each other with a loving gaze murmuring I love you ,before the photo got stilled , minho thinking that they really had loved each other completely, minho looked at jinki both knowing in their hearts very well that now it was their turn.

healing his heart
Author: yariealina
Rating: pg
Pairing: minho/amber, onew/minho, one sided , onew /victoria, friendship .
Summary: Minho has his heart broken but amber help him glue the pieces .
Warning: writen fast ,i dont have a beta write .

Title: healing his heart

Minho felt his heart break in a million of pieces the moment he saw Krystal , the love of his life kissing taemin the member he loved like a little brother , amber was next to him , she had seeing him enter and approach him to go to the recording studio together were a meeting would take place , they were laughing , when they stop at the scene in front of them , they were both left speechless; amber didn’t know what to do, she always thought that Krystal like minho the way it was obvious he like her, but she was wrong .

She could see the pain in minho eyes ;she felt so sad for him , she knows what is like to love , care for someone and the person not feeling the same way about you ,she wanted to do something , anything to make him feel better but she didn’t knew what ;so she just stay still next to him .

Minho didn’t stand it anymore , running away , he only wanted to be alone in a place, far away from them , he somehow found himself on the roof top, he sat on the floor , trying to hold on to the tears that threaten to fall , until he noticed a person next to him startling a little ,only to recognize amber who was making room to sit next to him , he thought that she was going to say something to him but she didn’t ; she didn’t say a word .

Minho really appreciated that ,the last thing he needed was to talk about feelings , five minutes pass in silence noticing that it never felt awkward actually it felt pleasant and comfortable , he was glad amber
was with him .

Amber stretched a little murmuring “i am so hungry man , do you want to eat ?, my treat ,what you say” minho smile as he stood up , helping her to stand up, telling her without words “ yes I’ll go” .
Eating with amber was like eating with a long time friend ,she was so adorably funny , that tears were falling but not because of sadness , his tears were because of the jokes she was telling him , being with her made him forget about everything he just presence moments ago , amber was still making jokes to Minho when her cell ring , she took the phone it was Victoria asking her where she was , telling her that she needed to came back to the studio and help them find minho that was missing , amber telling victoria that she was with minho that he was fine , she could hear victoria sighing relieve telling a very worried leader that minho was with amber and that he was fine , she smile a little hearing onew say to her “ thank god , I thought the worst”.

Amber tell minho everything deciding it was best to come back to the studio , they were all waiting for them; Onew stood up quickly at the sight of minho walking towards them , he walk towards the silent boy giving him a tight hug ,then pushing him hard yelling to him “ don’t you ever do that again , do you hear me? , I was worried sick , you didn’t even answer your cell , I was about to lose it ,so don’t do it okay”.

minho smile to his leader he was really fortunate to have onew ,lee jinki as his leader the man in front of him took so much care of him well of all of them, telling him “ sorry , I wont do it again , I promise, I really sorry , it wont happen again” .

onew smile saying to everyone there “ well , you have to be wondering why we are all here right? well” he look at Victoria and she say “ we are going to be united on the next cd , we will be one group at least for one year, after we promote the cd , we will separate” onew smile at all of them saying “ so lets become united , like big family , what do you say?” victoria was already next to him saying “ this will be fun , is not like we don’t know each other , we are already friends ” minho was cursing in his mind he didn’t wanted to see Krystal for a very long time but I guess anything goes like i want “ fuck”; amber mind was running so fast it pains her ;this isn’t going to be easy for him , they had to see each other almost everyday for an year , she got to do something to help him forget her to ease his pain somehow .

Suddenly Taemin stood up with a big smile on his face as he say “ well ;then I have some good news to say , Krystal and I are a couple , we love each other ;this would be so great, you will help us right ? To keep it a secret from the fans ” taking Krystal hands in his as they received the congratulations of all of the rest members except from a very silent minho and a very sad amber .

Minho thank god that he was the rapper of the group , because even thought he had to be in the company , he wasn’t called to the recording booth everyday were he knew krystal and taemin would be because of their voices , he had a big time on his hands and amber too , so they just spend all their free time together , minho was amazed at all the fun he has with amber , she could make him sweat playing any sport because she was as good as him , she would make him smile with her jokes , they would lay in the grass after playing to regain themselves talking about everything and nothing at the same time , he would look at her all blush by exercise , sweat on her skin , her breathing fast and ragged and he almost gasp at how beautiful she looked , how he didn’t noticed that before?.

The rest of the members were a little confused about their closeness , they seem to be always together , even when they were called to record their parts of the song they would tease ,play each other , like little kids , onew look at them and smile , he was happy amber was with minho , she seemed to help him in ways , he always wanted but knowing very well ,he wouldn’t , he knew about minho loving krystal , the moment he noticed his heart break , he had fallen in love with minho since so long but always kept a secret because he knew very well it could never happen , so he locked those feeling inside making himself competent with only being his leader , his friend.

Taemin and krystal were having dinner in a restaurant to celebrate their 2 months anniversary when taemin ask her if she had noticed something strange in amber these couple of weeks , she seemed happier and glowing , krystal started to laugh saying “ so you have noticed also , I think she likes minho oppa more than friends” taemin smiled “ yes ,i also think minho likes her too” “ why you say that tae?” he stop for a second before answering “ well , he is always so happy when he is with her , lately he had been taking care about his appearance a little more , he had been texting and calling her a lot” krystal squeal saying “ it is the same with amber , she now days puts a little make up on her face , she ask us if she is cute and we had found her blushing every time she speaks with minho on the phone , we have to get them together , they would be so sweet to each other” , coming up with a plan .

Minho birthday was approaching so onew with the help of victoria organized a little party for him ; onew now days felt his heart healing little by little , victoria friendship made him feel better , he found himself a wake at night thinking about her ,smiling silly when he did , not knowing that it was the same for victoria .

The day of the party finally came ,minho was in the living room waiting for the guest to cam e, actually he was waiting for amber to come so he could really have fun , he was talking to onew thanking him for the party when ,amber enter ,his heart stop for a second , she look so gorgeous with a really cute black dress that accentuated her body like a glove , he could see , her long toned legs , her tiny little waist , but what made him smile was her shoes , she was wearing her favorites tennis , it really was her , he walk close to her noticing that she wasn’t wearing any make up except a red lip gloss on her lips, that made her lips look so tempting that he wanted to kiss her , he stood in front of her noticing that she was a little scared , she gave him a letter that he opened quickly seeing two tickets of the game he wanted to see hearing her say to him “ happy birthday , I hope you like my present , they are really good seats , I hope you and your date have fun” he look at her telling her “ would you go with me ?”.

Amber didn’t know what to say telling him “ do you really want to go with me?” minho smile at her saying “ of course I want to go with you , what do you say?” amber smile at him seductively telling him “ I will , if you dance with me”he took her hands in his saying “ it would be my pleasure” amber blush at his words she only wanted to mess with him but he really take serious her words , suddenly they were in the middle of the living room , when he hold her waist with his hands , her hands around his neck , witch it was weird because she had to lift her self on her toes to do it , minho smiling when he noticed what she was doing , they were both looking at their eyes , they couldn’t seem to turn away their gaze , when he pulled amber closer to him .

Minho forgot about the people there; it was like they were all alone in the room , his hands caressed a cheek tenderly as he place a soft kiss on top of her lips , he could feel her surprise but it was all melted away when she kiss him back , her lips on him made him grin like an idiot , he was kissing the girl that took his broken heart and mend it making it whole again , the one girl that made him believe in love and fall in love again , his heart skip a beat feeling her lips nip his lower lip gasping at the touch his lips opening slightly at her mercy, his mouth to be explore by her , by the both of them parting a little when much needed air , telling her “ I love you amber , I am in love with you , be mine?” amber smiling at him ,tears on her eyes telling him “ yes , I will , I love you too” their lips meeting halfway to kiss .

Not so far away from the new couple onew had witness everything it happen between them , he couldn’t stop himself from having a sad smile on his face , he was happy for minho , he had finally found someone to love , but he was sad for him because it made him feel so unloved and alone until he felt a hand holding his, at the touch he look at the person seeing that it was victoria the one holding his hand so tenderly , she stood there in silence just telling him without words that he wasn’t alone , that she was there for him , he smile feeling in his heart that it would be a really interesting year for all of them ,finding himself looking forward to it .

Title: health class
Author: yariealina
Rating: nc-17
Pairing: onew/minho
Summary: Minho ask a very intriguing question to his professor Jinki .
Warning: writen fast , strong language ,i dont have a beta writer, explicit content , student x teacher relationship .

Title: health class

After a long day of work Lee jinki was ready to go home ;as a teacher he needed to improve his class a notch ,his student were getting bored at his class and it supposed to be an interesting one because he talk about safe sex , relationships etc.

Only one student seem to be interested in his class ; only thinking of him made him feel uneasy his eyes on him made him nervous , he was finishing grabbing all his stuff ,when he hear a voice calling him , Choi M inho the student he feared the most was in front of him ,jinki cleared his voice telling him “ what is it choi ?, class is over , I thought you were at the game?”.

Minho smirk at him telling jinki “ well yes , I was going too but I have a question professor, can you help me ?” Jinki sighed a little he really didn’t wanted to be all alone with him so he quickly tell him “ I have to go , can this wait for tomorrow , I would help you then okay”.

Minho grab his writs stopping him telling him with blushing cheeks “ I need you to tell me now, professor it would be quick , I swear” Jinki sighed again and sit on his chair telling him “ okay , how can I help you?” what he heard from Minho left him speechless, the words “ how do you have gay sex , professor?” burn inside his head , he didn’t knew what to say he was a little embarrassed and confused why in hell minho was asking him something li ke that ;so he only stutter “ well if you want to know , why don’t you see gay porn then , that would help you”.

jinki begun to walk towards the exit thinking that the questioning was over and done with it when he reach the door , he heard minho say to him “ why don’t you just show me then ,professor ?”.

when he turn around to say “what ?”to minho , jinki was left perplex rooted to the floor as he saw, minho all naked sitting on his desk, waiting for him to do something , he gulp hard ,his hand shaking when he locked the door walking towards minho like a panther seeing his willing pray for the first time , his mind recalling all of the times he saw him undressing him with his stare , when he saw giving the class , the way he always would make him inappropriate questions all filled with sexual content for him to answer , the way he licked his lips looking at him when he talked in class about the different sex positions , he was driving him mad but he always thought that he was just teasing , playing with him , a student would never desire him; but seeing him on top of his desk waiting for him to fuck his brains out , he suddenly started to think that maybe there’s something more that meets the eye.

Without words the second he stood in front of minho , he took possession of his lips on his in a searing kiss, jinki marveled at the kiss it had been so long for him since someone kissed him that he thought that he would be bad at it , smiling in the kiss when he heard minho moan softly giving him more encouragement he begun to trail minho lips with his tongue , asking for permission that minho instantly granted , his tongue inside him tasting him , exploring him , making both of them dizzy with desire .

Jinki lays minho gently on top his desk as his hands roam all over his skin , caressing his chest , his lips kissing all over him , feeling him shudder when he took a nipple inside his mouth kissing it , his tongue lapping his lower stomach , lips giving little pecks in side his tights , as his hands pulled apart his legs , his lips traveling closer and closer to his erection making minho gasp, with hoarse voice “ please , don’t tease me” jinki look at his eyes and smile telling him “ I wont” his hands grabbing him , his lips lapping slowly the sides of his cock making minho hold on to the edges of the desk , one of his hands covering his mouth preventing him to scream at the pleasure he was receiving from jinki, his professor .

jinki stop a second as he tell minho “ you have to turn on your partner , with foreplay , make him so crazy that he yells for you to take him; you must be wondering how you can do that right? , well like this” jinki grab his member a little more tight so he could lap the head of his member like a lollipop , jinki was beginning to get greedy; the taste of minho was driving him insane he wanted more , so he open a little his mouth closing it around the sensitive head , taking a deep breath he begun to accommodate more and more of minho inside of his mouth stopping when he felt him at the back of his throat , his head started going up and down on him , feeling proud as he felt minho penis getting hard inside his mouth .

one of his fingertips touching his virgin hole, minho was losing his self he never felt anything like it , until he felt a finger enter him , gasping at loud at the intrusion , jinki continue his ministrations , minho knowing very well that jinki was preparing him for what is going to come .

Minho close his eyes tight and try to relax, calm his self a little bit and he almost did when he felt a second finger inside of him; this time jinki took his member out from his mouth , going to his lips to silence his groans and whimpers with a kiss as his fingers begun to move in and out inside him .

Minho couldn’t take it anymore , he wanted more so much more from jinki ,murmuring against jinki lips “ please , take me professor , I want to feel you inside me , please” jinki smile at his words as he pulls out his fingers slowly inside him ,hearing minho sighed at the emptiness he felt to be a second later being filled with jinki member in one powerful trust ,his eyes closing tight at the pain , his nails scratching the desk , as jinki kiss him to relieve the pain a little , jinki still for a moment so minho could get adjusted to have him inside him , starting to move very slowly when he felt minho kissing him back , he started to trust inside of minho looking for that spot that would make him lose control , smiling when he did , because minho shudder and gasping at the same time “ oh god” he could feel minho getting near and near to his release so jinki moved faster , deeper inside him .

Minho body begun to shake , his breath became ragged , his back begun to arch at the pleasure running trough him when his climax hit him , releasing his seed on his stomach, his toes curling , collapsing on top of the desk .

jinki felt minho body grabbing him tighter and tighter inside until he couldn’t move anymore , making him shudder as he climax , filling minho with his seed ,collapsing on top of him , feeling each other trembling at the pleasure that consumed their bodies seconds ago , after jinki got his breath back, he separate his body from minho to put his clothes on , seeing minho as he dress , he couldn’t believe how he could look so beautiful when he was cover in sweat , his body flushed covered in love bites , his own release painting his stomach .

jinki wet his lips at the vision , he needed to leave quickly before it was too late and he couldn’t stop himself from possessing this boy in front of him again and teach him all the things he wanted to teach him since the first time he saw him , not believing his eyes when he realize that he was his student .

minho in the other hand noticed that jinki was dressing himself , he didn’t wanted him to leave not after what had happen between them , he smile thinking that he wanted him since the first day he saw him , he thought that he was another student until he stood in front of them telling them that he was his new professor .

Jinki finish to put his clothes on ,beginning to walk away only to be stop by minho writs on his arm; jinki look at minho with cold eyes , breathing hard trying to hold on too the last shred of control inside him asking minho “ anymore questions?” feeling his wall fall down when he heard minho say “ lots, professor” smiling at jinki as he grab him by his shirt ,pulling him down to kiss ,jinki telling minho against his lips with a big smile on his face “ well ,lets get on it , then” as he close the little gap between them kissing each other again with the silent promise of lots and lots of private lessons just for the two of them.


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